The Mayor serves as chief executive of the Borough, administrates the Police Department and is elected by the general public to a four-year term.

Borough Council

Millersville Borough is governed by its seven member Borough Council. Members of the Council are elected at-large by the general public to staggered four year terms. The Council is responsible for all legislative and financial functions of the Borough. Accordingly, the Council develops plans, adopts ordinances, resolutions and budgets, appoints advisory board members, hires staff, and is ultimately accountable to the citizens of the Borough.

Borough Manager

(Appointed by Council)
The Borough Council has, by ordinance, created the office of the Borough Manager, who is the chief administrative officer, Secretary and Treasurer, responsible for the overall management of the Borough.

Boards and Commissions

Millersville Borough is seeking candidates (registered electors) to fill vacant positions and establish a volunteer pool for future vacancies on the following committees and/or boards:

Zoning Hearing Board –Interested residents should be familiar with the (MPC) Municipal Planning Code of PA that sets rules and regulations for zoning boards. Candidates should also be familiar with the Borough’s local Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance that determine land and property uses. The Board’s primary task is to consider property owner requests for variances to local ordinances. This is a five member board. (Meetings are held the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. as needed.)

Planning Commission –This five member commission established under the authority of the PA Municipal Planning Code (MPC) makes recommendations to Council for consideration of land and building additions and changes that are subject to local subdivision and land development ordinances (SALDO). The commission also reviews appeals to the Zoning Hearing Board, recommends changes to the Official Map Ordinance and formulates the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan. (Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.)

Historic Commission – This five member commission has the responsibility of following the Zoning Ordinance as it relates to historic preservation in the borough. Recommendations for changes to class one and two structures are made to the Borough’s Zoning Officer. The membership of the Historic Commission shall include individuals who have professional expertise or a demonstrated interest in cultural history, architectural history, architecture, archaeology, historic preservation, or knowledge in a field related to the objectives of the Historic Commission, such as: real estate, construction, grant writing, fund raising, local business, economic development and the like. (Meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m.)

Park Commission – This Commission is comprised of 3 members appointed by Council to regulate public park areas in the Borough. This Commission adopts the rules necessary for park use. The Commission may make recommendations to Council for park improvements, updating regulations, and fees for using facilities. (Meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m.)

Vacancy Board – This resident is responsible for working with Council to ensure that vacated elected official seats are filled. (Meetings are held as needed.)

Representative to (LIMC) Lancaster Inter Municipal Committee for Greenway & Park Advisory Board
This representative will work with members of the surrounding eleven municipalities to ensure greenways and public areas are developed and maintained inter-municipally. (Meetings are held the first Monday of every month at 3:30 p.m.)

Civil Service Commission
Three members and up to three alternate members established by PA Borough Code to provide rules and regulations for police hiring and disciplinary procedures. (Meetings are held once a year and/or as needed.)

Educational Service Agency
Three member board that meets once a year to consider annual budget and assignments for School Crossing Guards.

Please send your letter of interest or visit us for additional information on any of the above positions and thank you for taking an interest in this community volunteer effort.

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