2015 Street Paving Notice

Weather permitting the Borough will be paving the following Streets subject to contractor scheduling prior to school commencement:

Pickwick Place from North Prince Street to West Charlotte Street

West Charlotte Street from North Prince Street to North George Street

East Charlotte Street from Wabank Road to Route 741

Landis Avenue from North George Street to Herr Avenue

Leaman Avenue from Manor Avenue to Heisey Avenue

Shertzer Lane from John Herr’s Market parking lot to the Park Barn


Volunteers Needed!

Residents Taking a Part in Their Community . . .
Millersville Borough is continually seeking candidates (registered electors) to fill vacant positions and establish a volunteer pool for future vacancies on Boards and Commission.  Please send a letter of interest or email us at millersville@millersvilleborough.org if any positions are of interest to you.

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